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About the Earthquake Data Portal

The Seismic Data Portal was developed under the European Commission-funded NERIES project, an Integrated Infrastructure Initiative (I3) project within the 6th Framework Program under contract 026130 and extended within NERA (grant 262330)

The Portal provides a single point of access to diverse, distributed European earthquake data provided in a unique joint initiative by observatories and research institutes in and around Europe. Based on internet-standard portlet and web services technologies, it enables the scientists/users to integrate and combine different data services.

Data Providers

The data made available through this portal is offered to you by a range of European observatories. When using the data from the portal in research or other publications we strongly encourage you to refer to this link to give proper attribute to the data providers.
  • Earthquake event data: the EMSC-coordinated observatories.
  • Broadband waveform data: the Virtual European Broadband Seismic Network (VEBSN) and the European Integrated Waveform Data Archive (EIDA), both coordinated within ORFEUS,
  • Acceleration waveform and parameter data: the acceleration networks.
  • Historical earthquake data: Archive of Historical Earthquake Data (AHEAD).

Portal Vision and Developments

This portal provides a first step towards a versatile user tool to access and work with earthquake data for research and educational purposes. Its current intention is not to replace targeted data access facilities as provided and maintained by, among others, ORFEUS and EMSC. Instead the portal and its web services aim to expand the options for users to work with earthquake data.

At this stage we encourage interaction and feedback with users to improve the available services (where possible) and to make it even more user-friendly. We do not, however, foresee significant updates or modifications before well into 2011.

Complementary web services

The Portal web services offered together with this portal offer a broad potential of integrating data access and tools into user applications for research. More specific information on these web services are provided in the portal blog.

Complementary Google Gadget

The portal also provides a Google Gadget providing pre-selected waveform and event data. The pre-selection is done by users of the portal who have selected and rated specific data sets.

NERIES Portal Team

The Portal, hosted by the EMSC, is constructed by aggregation of a number of portlets and middleware services operated and maintained by the Orfeus Data Centre, the EMSC, the LGIT, the GEOFON/GFZ, and others.