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Broadband Waveform Data Explorer

The Waveform Explorer portlet allows the users to search and request broadband seismic data from the whole EIDA network, which offers continuous data coming from c.a. 1000 stations, which are stored in several Data Centers In EU.

Watch how to submit a request in few steps in this 5 minutes video >>

You can use this tool in two modes: Event Mode and Time Mode

Event Mode: You are allowed to select multiple events from your own Event Data Cart, which has to be populated with the Events Explorer. Alternatively you can enter the URIs of the earthquakes you are interested in (eg quakeml:eu.emsc/event/20100308_0000036 ). The selected events are visualized on the map. For each earthquake, several information are available, including the alterative origins provided from the institutions contributing to the location of the earthquake, and made available to the public by EMSC. If any waveform datasets have been already requested for the same earthquake, they will be visualised within the Waveform tab of the Earthquake`s Information Balloon.

Once the earthquakes are selected, you can go to the next step which typically includes the discovery of available stations and networks. This can be done in several ways, through a bounding box , a station name search, or just by selecting which network to visualise on the map . Finally, you can specify which streams (BH,HH,LH etc) you want to include in your request and through the interactive selection tools      (bounding box and azimuthal selection on the stations shown on the map) you can add the desired stations to your request, choosing among the ones visualized on the map.

In Event Mode the Waveform Explorer will generate one request per each event, their status can be monitored within the Waveform Cart and when ready the requested dataset can be visualised, downloaded, annotated with a set of machine understandable metadata (RDF) in orde to make the datasets available to other users or software beyond the Earthquake Data Portal ( You could download the datasets of your own cart in your own analisys code by connecting to our SPARQL endpoint ).

Time Mode: In this mode you can specify the time window you`d like to request data for. The overall interaction is similar to the Event Mode. One single request will be displayed in you Waveform Cart

In both modes you can alway re-edit your request in order to change quickly its parameters in order to refine it before submitting it again to the system

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