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Web Services

The Seismic Data Portal is supported by several web data services, including services providing event, waveform, and user data cart information. These data services are available through internet web standards, and are publicly available.

The services currently publicly available include: Web data services provide a simple and straight-forward mechanism to expose access to data center holdings to the broader community. Using simple internet (HTTP) technologies, one is able to build applications that directly query data center holdings.

OGC Services

We are proud to announce the availability of preliminary versions of our OGC-compliant services for testing and feedback.

Event Information

The Event Information Services are available as both SOAP- and REST-style services.
The SOAP services provide information in QuakeML format, whereas the REST-style services provide information in either QuakeML or JSON formats.

The Event Information REST services are available at /servicesDoc/index.html.
The individual operations include:
The QuakeML SOAP service WSDL is available from

Waveform Services

The Seismolink web service provides information about networks, stations, channels and more in general a complete inventory of the available resources.
It also allows to query a large pool of datacenters for BB waveforms in a transparent way. The service is available in SOAP and REST (using POST) -style and you can find here its wsdl

The Taup web service offers an utility to compute arrival times using a few default velocity models or provided by the user: wsdl

The User Event and Waveform Data cart services support the operation of the data portal.
They are not publicly available at this time.

More information about the services available on our blog.

Client Tools

Following you can find some tools to retrieve and collect data based on our SOA(Service Oriented Architecture):
  • Joque Java Orfeus QUake Explorer: is a java event based retrival tool developed at Orfeus. You can download the latest version (0.6-Beta) here
  • Other versions: 0.5-Beta
  • Porsche Perl ORfeus Seed Control and Harvest Engine: is a tool developed at Orfeus to search and retrieve continuous data based on time windows. Download
  • ObsPy A Python Toolbox for seismology/seismological observatories Wiki
  • Neries-Client C++ event and waveform fetching tool developed within the SEE-GRID-SCI project by Can Ozturan: documentation and source code
  • SeismoWeb Toolbox by Stefan Mertl is a collection of Matlab and Java tools. Download